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“Germination to the Sea” Biroscape 380


Ballpoint pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, February 2023

The BIC Cristal pen offers this peculiarity which is considered a defect in other pens: The lack of fluidity in the line.
This quality allows complete control over the drawing medium and guarantees an infinite variety of shades.

“about the landscape (Thought number Five)”


I would like to get to the possibility of read the construction of the drawing. Sign after sign, until you get to the beginning, to the page, when it was white. Would be a dream.

Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 21 x 30 cm, March 2020

about landscape (Thought number Five)

“The Origin of the Darkness”, biroscape #190




Pencil on Canson Paper, 25 x 29 cm – September 2018

“No Shadows on the White Earth”, biroscape #176


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, August 2018

No Shadow on the White Earth BS176

Review on Wall Street International



“The Opening of the Shell” on display to the Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, London, until August 24th 2018


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 29,7 x 42 cm, March 2018

A the Opening of the Shell

“The Firmament”, Biroscape #170


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, 2018 June

The Firmament BS170



“Soft Clouds”


Biroscape Experience in London, July  15 – 21 2018
Coningsby Gallery, in London, 30 Tottenham Street.

Soft Clouds BS169



“Kindly, Notify me When the Fracture will Widen”, biroscape #168


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 10,5 x 14,8 cm, 2018 May

Kindly, Notify me When the Fracture will Widen BS168

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