Alberto Repetti Art

Artworks of Alberto Repetti's Artist, Oil Painting, Ballpoint Pen Drawing and more


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ABSTRACT :   Oil on Canvas  –   Enamel on Plexiglass   –   Enamel On Paper   –  Watercolours  –  Mixed Media   –   Miniatures  – Rooms

FIGURATIVE :   Nature Series – Landscapes   –  Figures   –  Portraits  –  Pieces

DIGITAL :   Painting   –  Portraits   – Tapestry  –   Beams   – Entanglement – Flats 

When I represent reality on canvas that makes up the fundamental part of my work, where I reduce, simplify and summarize the shape to focus on the details that I prefer.

In order to observe better the details or to focus them paradoxically use blurring, I put objects in the foreground in focus others blurred in the background or vice versa, as it happens with the skies that are almost always in focus.

Here’s a kind of stream of consciousness that happens inside of me every time I work to the easel.

All this, of course, without a plan would be impossible.

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