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“Reminder”, Biroscape 312


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10.5 cm, January 2021

grass with forest in the backgroud formed by very tiny hatching.
In front a stone floating in the air.

“The Winter Where No Snow Falls”, Biroscape 310


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, January 2021

“Three Times like Three Stones, the Thousands of Loneliness” Biroscape 303


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,4 cm, December 2020

three Stones, little stones floating in the air in an infinite horizon. Shade of grey with ballpoint pen

“American Trail”, Biroscape 302


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, November 2020

“Muffled”, Biroscape 299


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, November 2020

fuffly clouds on the sea, grey shade

“Awesomeness from San Donato’s Church in Pignola”, Biroscape 295


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, October 2020

Una grande nuvola con delle parti bianche al centro rappresentate da due cerchi bianchi cime due occhi e una porta in mezzo in basso che da la sensazione di una bocca spalancata ins egno di spavento o di urlo, sopra una striscia di mare calmo

About Landscape


My representation of the landscape is performed with the Hand, and therefore, cannot fail to be a real autopsy on nature, a priori. A search through the sign in the direction of the cause that will lead to his definitive agony and therefore to his death. This can only be attempted during the realization process because the finished work show its end and therefore its inevitable burial. But on closer inspection this is true for any object. The making of the work becomes testimony of the only possible answer that is found in the act, as long as the act lasts, after which there is a result that one insists on exhibiting as a trophy but that no longer has a breath of life. It is the late.

Dies Irae, Work in progress, ballpoint pen on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm

ballpint pen drawing landscape many brushes in front and little sign in the background. Autumn

“A Distant Sound, But it is not a Storm”, biroscape 294


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, September 2020

Mist, Biroscape #285


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, July 2020

A uniform color, without darkening it too much, leaves a thin veil between the image and our eyes. Do not insist on the dark deliberately to highlight the medium tones and block the vision to a previous state any act of insistence on blacks. I stopped because this has to be visible.

un colore uniforme, senza scurirlo troppo, lascia un velo sottile tra l’immagine e i nostri occhi. Non insistere sullo scuro deliberatamente per evidenziare i toni medi e bloccare la visione a uno stato precedente alcun atto di insistenza sui neri. Mi sono fermato perché questo deve essere ben visibile.

Endless Glow


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 30 x 42 cm, May 2020

During the quarantine more than ever I thought about suspended time, trying to transfigure it into the vision regarding the enjoyment of a non-negative but surprising and wonderful natural event.
The choice fell on the glow that refers to the perennial, disarming human condition and helpless when faced with natural events.

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