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International drawing annual 14 exhibition-in-print “INDA 14”

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“Manifest’s mission is to stand for quality in the visual arts, as well as the importance of creative research, meaningful and accessible art-based experiences for the public, deep learning outside academia, and the rigorous documentation of exceptional art for posterity.”

MANIFEST, Drawing Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
International drawing annual 14 exhibition-in-print.
. One of my drawings has been selected and has been included in the International drawing annual 2020.
“Manifest is much more than a gallery. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit founded on Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004 by professors and students from area universities seeking to make a positive community impact. Manifest continues to be operated by professors, students, and working artists to this day. Our programming is divided into four balanced quadrants: Gallery (exhibitions), Press (publications), Artist Residency (support), and Drawing Center (education).”

For the INDA 14 Manifest received 1187 submissions from 353 artists from 43 states, Washington D.C., and 25 countries. The publication includes 110 works by 66 artists from 26 states, Washington D.C., and 7 countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Scotland. A written work by Billy Renkl is also included.
Only 5 European nations are represented and I am proud to represent Italy in this event with this ballpoint pen drawing.

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“Winter in Tatters”


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 29,7 x 22 cm, February 2021

Grafich Hatches on the surface in imitation to ice in the windows

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“Where the Rain Begins and Where the Rain Ends”, Biroscape 308


One of the things that interest me, while I carry out my works, especially those in pen, is to try to let signs that reveal other signs show through the hatching. If you look closely at the work, they will appear as objects that do not perform an action aimed at harmoniously concurring with the classic and stylistic principle of hatching. They are an obstacle to it, which I have to try to overcome and incorporate inside, trying on the one hand to harmonize them with the rest, and on the other hand leaving them glimpse as a testimony of otherness or, if you like, diversity towards the whole.

Una delle cose che mi interessano, mentre eseguo i miei lavori, soprattutto quelli a penna, è cercare di far trasparire attraverso il tratteggio segni che rivelano altri segni. Se guardi da vicino l’opera, appariranno come oggetti che non compiono un’azione volta a concorrere armoniosamente con il principio classico e stilistico del tratteggio. Sono un ostacolo ad esso, che devo cercare di superare e incorporare dentro, cercando da un lato di armonizzarli con il resto, e dall’altro lasciandoli intravedere come testimonianza di alterità o, se vuoi, diversità verso il tutto.

“At a Slow Pace”, Biroscape 306


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, December 2020

“It Was the Wind”


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 33,3 x 25, 2 cm, October 2018

It Was the Wind

“Papa et Maman sur la Plage de Cannes, Hommage à Picasso”, biroscape #193


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, October 2018

Papa et Maman sur la Plage de Cannes, Hommage à Picasso BS193

“Ejection” Biroscape #191


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, October 2018

Ejection BS191



Pencil on Canson Paper, 24 x 32 cm, October 2018


“South West Wind, High Altitude”, biroscape #189


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, October 2018

South West Wind, High Altitude BS189

“Always Start Like This”, biroscape #188


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, October 2018

Always Starts Like This BS188

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