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Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021


With great pride, I announce the great honor of being part of the exhibition for one of the most important drawing awards in the world:
The Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize 2021
My work “Lockdown Cloud” was chosen to participate in this extraordinary exhibition in London.

I sincerely thank the jurors in the person of Sheela Gowda, artist, Dr Simon Groom, Director Of Modrn & Contemporary Art, National Galleries Of Scotland and Dr Zoé Whitley, Director Of Chisenhale Gallery, who have evaluated my work allowing me to be part of this prestigious exhibition. In the person of Parker Harris, president of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize,

I thank all his collaborators who build this beautiful dream every year.

Thanks to Andrew Coningsby and all his staff who allowed me to perform 3 years ago in London giving me the confidence and support I needed.

I also thank all of you who have followed me for so long, who support me and give me the ever-renewed push to continue trying to represent my vision of the world. Thank you!

Con grandissimo orgoglio, annuncio il grande onore di fare parte dell’esposizione di uno dei più importanti premi per disegno al mondo,

il Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize 2021

Il mio lavoro “Lockdown Cloud” è stato scelto per partecipare a questa straordinaria esibizione in Londra.

Ringrazio sentitamente i giurati nelle persone di Sheela Gowda,artist, Dr Simon Groom, Director Of Modrn & Contemporary Art, National Galleries Of Scotland and Dr Zoé Whitley,Director Of Chisenhale Gallery, che hanno valutato il mio lavoro permettendomi di fare parte di questa rassegna così prestigiosa.

Ringrazio nella persona di Parker Harris, presidente del Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize, tutti i suoi collaboratori che ogni anno costruiscono questo bellissimo sogno.

Ringrazio Andrew Coningsby e tutto il suo staff che han permesso che potessi esibirmi 3 anni fa a Londra dandomi la fiducia e il supporto di cui avevo bisogno.

Ringrazio anche tutte e tutti voi che mi seguite da tanto, che mi supportate e mi date la spinta sempre rinnovata per continuare a cercare di rappresentare la mia visione del mondo. Grazie!

Lockdown Cloud, ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 223 x 89 cm, April 2021

“The Gardener”


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, July 2021

Treating the figure after Bacon and Picasso is very difficult, from my point of view I mean.
They have been where it is necessary to arrive to understand all the evolution, not only of painting, but of the entire history of contemporary humanity.
Mine is a reflection on the now acclaimed cleavage of the present, of every body, that I cannot help thinking of as part of its most urgent and poignant fracture.

Trattare la figura dopo Bacon e Picasso è molto arduo, dal mio punto di vista intendo.
Loro sono stati laddove è necessario arrivare per comprendere tutta l’evoluzione, non solo della pittura, ma di tutta la storia dell’umanità contemporanea.
La mia è una riflessione sulla sfaldatura ormai acclamata del presente, di ogni corpo che io non riesco a non pensare come parte della sua più urgente e struggente frattura

The abstarc figure of a gardener on his knees
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“Lake View” biroscape 340 and video of making it


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard 14,8 x 10,5 cm, July 2021

Lake view with cloud and trees. Ballpoint Pen on cardboard black and white 14,8 x 10,5 cm.
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Making of biroscape 340. “Lake View” Enjoy!

I introduce to you: the Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen.


The Bic Cristal Pen is the object I use most frequently for drawing.
14.9 cm long with the cap, and 14.4 cm long without the cap
We are made for the most part of water, a Bic pen, from four elements:
Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Tungsten Carbide and Alpaca.
Let’s begin to describe the cap. In polypropylene, it is the same color as the ink into the tank, and has the particularity of protecting the pen, in the tip and in the sphere.
It has a hole, which prevents people from being suffocated if they swallow it.
The sphere is a very important part, it is made of a metal, hard and resistant, and without imperfections, it is made of tungsten carbide.
The tip, which is of nickel silver, fixes the sphere in the writing movement and is located between the sphere and the beak, which is that orange part that we see at the end of the transparent tank, in fact, the beak, acts as a junction between the tip and the ink tank, and is made of polypropylene.
The reservoir is a transparent tube, which holds 0.4 grams of ink, and is also made of polypropylene.
The barrel is hexagonal in shape, for a simple reason, because it allows the hand a safe and comfortable grip, as well as the ease, being hexagonal, of being able to place many more pens in a small space. A part absolutely important is the hole placed on the shaft in the middle part. It serves to regulate internal pressure. Without it, without this hole, the slightest change in pressure, between the outside and the inside, would result in the ink leaking or in any case a malfunction in writing. And finally, we have the closure, which protects against spills, and keeps the ink in the pen in the right pressure. And it’s the same color as the ink inside the tank. The ink is the fundamental and most innovative part of the whole object.
Although Bic and other ballpoint pen manufacturers keep their ink composition formulas secret, they all have fairly common ingredients. The pigments are mixed with oils, such as benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol. Fatty acids are added to lubricate the ballpoint pen and resist blockages. Surfactants help the paper absorb the ink before it dries. New formulas are constantly being developed to improve the performance of the Bic pen, and the ink we use now, of course, is not what they used in 1950, or 1970, and certainly what we use today will not be the same as will use in the future. New discoveries and new formulas will always make Bic a better product, because the secret of the whole pen, of the Bic pen, is right here, in the ink.
These improvements of the ink, for example, have led to the development of particular pens, unthinkable until a long time ago, such as the Bic Large, which has a diameter of 1.6 mm. The ink in this case is particularly fluid but manages not to escape impetuously, so the sphere can adjust it perfectly. There will be other developments in the future, but the developments of the pens, however, will always go hand in hand with the development of the ink. You will have noticed that the tank is not filled to the brim with ink, this is because it expands if it is heated, therefore, with the heat of our hand it could come out of the pen, and how many times it has come out of the pen, for this reason, motif, alas, in the pocket, or inside a jacket. Another curiosity. If you have the time and the desire and you have a sheet of paper three and a half kilometers long, take the Bic pen and start drawing a line, all along this sheet. Eventually, when you get to three and a half kilometers, the pen’s ink will be completely gone. Finally, how much does a Bic pen weigh? A Bic pen can weigh up to 6 grams. Around the world, nearly 100 billions have been sold since 1950, and if you want to start a letter or a story, a Bic pen can write nearly 45,000 words.
You just have to take a Bic Cristal pen and closely observe what has been said above and never stop having it with you, for me, it is now an inseparable companion.

Sphere , Tip and Beak
The Barrel and his Hole

The Closure

“Big Cloud in a Small Sheet”, biroscape 339


The making of this drawing you can find HERE.

Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, July 2021

A big cloud in cross-hatching Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm July 2021
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“The Cloud and Cézanne”


In this viedo I draw a big cloud in a small paper.
In the middle of the video, I read in background an extract of a Conversation between Emil Bernard and Paul Cézanne about the representation of the nature.
Enjoy it.
(Automatic English Translation Subtitle)

“Heavy Rain”, Biroscape 338


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, June 2021

Heavy Rain at the horizons. View from the Frontsea.
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Cross Hatching


I think there is no time to learn but it takes a long time to do it. This channel of mine is open to everyone, professionals, beginners, young people, children, seniors, all those who want to get involved. If you come to see me I will be very happy.
we are only at the beginning.
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“Souvenir”, Biroscape 337


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboards, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, June 2021

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“Drawing Paper I Use”


A short video on the types of paper I use.
A simple and informative video.
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