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The Landscape Present Us With The Bill


Gel Pen on cardboard, 21 x 29,7 cm, January 2023

“The Bet”, fourth working session: Cat


Oil On canvas. In progress.



NOT RANDOM ART Interview Alberto Repetti


“The World is made up of objects and subjects. I am not interested in objects because they aren’t part of my experience. On the contrary when they became part of my experience, I give them a different meaning and they become for me a “subject.” This “subject” has an emotional strength, it can be a tree or a house or the sea, which became part of my life. So they become that particular tree, that particular house or that particular sea.”
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ALBERTO REPETTI on NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Rewiew


Thanks for the editorial staff of NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Review for this Interview in the Issue 06, April 2017.
I thank them for the opportunity they have given me to explain my work and that thanks to this, I hope my works have the possibility, after the read,  be more appreciated.
Click on the April issue inside this page o click on the cover of Magazine and for Italian Version translate click HERE:

Special thanks to Claudia Arlotti, for her translation from Italian to English. Without her help,  all this would not have been possible

“Become” Biroscape #83


Aesthetica Magazine Issue April / May 2017


AESTHETICA, the art &Culture Magazine.


“Stone and Wind”, ballpoint pen drawing


Any sign, any my sign, represents itself in a way be separated from my work.
Qualsiasi segno, qualsiasi mio segno, si autorappresenta in maniera scindibile dalla mia opera.

Stone and Wind

Cloud of March, definitive version.


The addition of the hottest shades fully restores my intention to separate less the cloud from the background. Among the representation of the parties there is now an undefined space that confuses and, at the same time gives fullness to the entire composition.

Cloud of March 2

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