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Entanglement. Status: The Inner Core. Digital Painting


My advice is to always start from the drawing and the composition. The acquisition of manual dexterity is necessary ind is achieved solely and exlcusivley through constant practice. It’s like learning to play an instrument. You have to keep on trying this and that, be lucky enough to have a good teacher and if you don’t have one then learn from nature, by which I mean the reality around you and the work of artists who feed your curiosity and sensitivity. I think this is an essential prerequisite even for someone pursuing a path which is seemingly remote from painting or sculptural practIce in the traditional sense, as it allows a whole bag of technical tricks which can be made available for the creative act with whatever material is used. Formal practice allows us for example to choose the appropriate means to express a certain type of composition, a broader awareness and the broader the range of expressive possibilities. The idea should always be able to rely on a manual ability which allows it to manifest itself and to materialise. One last thing I want to add is that what has always been the moving force behind my work is to have an infinite respect for the person interacting with my work.

Status: The Inner Core

“It Happens Somewhere”


Procreate’s Digital Painting  3500 x 2542 px 300 dpi, June 2017

It Happens Somewhere

ALBERTO REPETTI on NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Rewiew


Thanks for the editorial staff of NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Review for this Interview in the Issue 06, April 2017.
I thank them for the opportunity they have given me to explain my work and that thanks to this, I hope my works have the possibility, after the read,  be more appreciated.
Click on the April issue inside this page o click on the cover of Magazine and for Italian Version translate click HERE:

Special thanks to Claudia Arlotti, for her translation from Italian to English. Without her help,  all this would not have been possible

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