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The Bet’s video, birth and development of a bet.


In this video with some images in a timeline, I show the development that led to the painting.
The work satisfied me both for its construction, and how the various parts i have painted. This picture shows a robin in flight, a walking cat and a woman talking on the phone. Of these three creatures, the only one that we know where it will go is the cat, because it will goes to the woman. The background participates in a fundamental way, creating a livable, accessible space where the three characters can act. But what will happen once the cat will reach the woman? Time is crystallized into an eternal bet. The bet that is the invention of painting where everything is determined by the passage of the time, and the flow of the time has allowed at the painting to take shape. The brushstroke, every single brushstroke, allows a formal reading. We can see his develope, we can see passage of the time and how be can represented it. Through the excuse of the three characters story, the colors are laid on the canvas with the brushstrokes, one after the other, and represent the true work of art, that is, the time spend to paint it, . Painting is painting and it is also the artist, because within it is enclosed its time.

ALBERTO REPETTI on NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Rewiew


Thanks for the editorial staff of NOT RANDOM ART Magazine, The Contemporary Art Review for this Interview in the Issue 06, April 2017.
I thank them for the opportunity they have given me to explain my work and that thanks to this, I hope my works have the possibility, after the read,  be more appreciated.
Click on the April issue inside this page o click on the cover of Magazine and for Italian Version translate click HERE:

Special thanks to Claudia Arlotti, for her translation from Italian to English. Without her help,  all this would not have been possible

“The Bet”, making a point.


I have resumed to paint the painting entitled “The bet”. It is an artwork that I keep very much and that I hope I can finally present the idea of space I have in mind. Animals as well as the colours stains and the colours bodies are an opportunity to create a “possible” physical environment. An environment in which it is possible to get away from the concept of central perspective and aerial perspective but whose determination is only detected by the relationship between colors and their focal density.


The new painting in progress


The title is ready: “The Bet”
I started to put on canvas my intention, and although slowly, the work proceeds as planned.
Both the dimensions of the cat and Robin are ready, now I just have to fill them.
On the left there will be a person who phones, that will give her back at the cat.
But the most expensive work will be related at the weaving of the little colored shapes to “build” a possible environment.
If you want to follow me on instagram, gradually I will post the progress of the work.
Thanks for reading.
the bet in progress

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