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“The Bet” Making the cat.


The subject draws attention to the object. The objects which formed a subjects are not just what in a finished work appear, but exist in a succession of events that it’s hard identified temporally. When look at Painting consider the two actions, see the making of and see completed work as two distinct and paths that merge only in the last brushstroke.

Il soggetto richiama l’attenzione sull’oggetto. Gli oggetti con cui si forma un soggetto non sono solo quelli che appaiono in un lavoro finito, ma esistono in una successione di eventi difficilmente identificabili temporaneamente. Quando esaminiamo la Pittura, consideriamo le due azioni, vedere la realizzazione e il lavoro completato come due distinti percorsi che si fondono solo nell’ultima pennellata.


NOT RANDOM ART Interview Alberto Repetti


“The World is made up of objects and subjects. I am not interested in objects because they aren’t part of my experience. On the contrary when they became part of my experience, I give them a different meaning and they become for me a “subject.” This “subject” has an emotional strength, it can be a tree or a house or the sea, which became part of my life. So they become that particular tree, that particular house or that particular sea.”
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“The Bet”, making a point.


I have resumed to paint the painting entitled “The bet”. It is an artwork that I keep very much and that I hope I can finally present the idea of space I have in mind. Animals as well as the colours stains and the colours bodies are an opportunity to create a “possible” physical environment. An environment in which it is possible to get away from the concept of central perspective and aerial perspective but whose determination is only detected by the relationship between colors and their focal density.


The new painting in progress


The title is ready: “The Bet”
I started to put on canvas my intention, and although slowly, the work proceeds as planned.
Both the dimensions of the cat and Robin are ready, now I just have to fill them.
On the left there will be a person who phones, that will give her back at the cat.
But the most expensive work will be related at the weaving of the little colored shapes to “build” a possible environment.
If you want to follow me on instagram, gradually I will post the progress of the work.
Thanks for reading.
the bet in progress

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