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“My Mother Anna”


Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 cm, 2017, July.

The portrait is the most difficult between the subjects chosen to paint to the natural, because it is related to the obsession of the likeness or the idea we have of the subject and its implementation on the support.

My Mother Anna.

Art Reveal Magazine


The brand new issue is out now.

ART REVEAL MAGAZINE #29 is out, and I am very happy with this interview, where I can express what are the motives that inspire me to work creatively and how the process related to the “creation” of a painting happen.
You can find the whole interview from page 84.

art reveal magazine number 29

“The Bet” Making the cat.


The subject draws attention to the object. The objects which formed a subjects are not just what in a finished work appear, but exist in a succession of events that it’s hard identified temporally. When look at Painting consider the two actions, see the making of and see completed work as two distinct and paths that merge only in the last brushstroke.

Il soggetto richiama l’attenzione sull’oggetto. Gli oggetti con cui si forma un soggetto non sono solo quelli che appaiono in un lavoro finito, ma esistono in una successione di eventi difficilmente identificabili temporaneamente. Quando esaminiamo la Pittura, consideriamo le due azioni, vedere la realizzazione e il lavoro completato come due distinti percorsi che si fondono solo nell’ultima pennellata.


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