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Entanglement series number 12 in progress


Digital painting. Entanglement series number 12. Work in progress


“Entanglement. Status: Brilliant Hummocks”


Digital Painting, Original size, 4000 x 4000 px, 300dpi, 2018, February

Status: Brilliant Hummocks


ENTANGLEMENT, the new digital painting series.


The Wave Behavior of Matter is the basis of this reflection on what we see, on any “object” in relation to another. The relationship between the bodies is more intricate than we can think and deserves a reflection on our way of perceiving it.
This is a search that I feel to share and which occupies a central part in my current artistic activity.

Status:  Brilliant Sunset Session

“What Are You Thinking?”


Procreate’s Digital Painting. 3500 x 2542 px 300 dpi, June 2017

What Are You Thinking?

“It Happens Somewhere”


Procreate’s Digital Painting  3500 x 2542 px 300 dpi, June 2017

It Happens Somewhere

In Barbicane


Barbicane Landscape, digital painting, made with wacom tablet.

Digital Painting


In the menu bar, under “PANEL”,  you can find my new section will present all the works that will execute as from today with a digital tablet.


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