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“Late Afternoon”, biroscape #270


Ballpoint Pen On Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, May 2020

Late Afternoon BS270

“Caligo” Biroscape #230


The presence of a mild flow from the south generated by a reinforcement of the African subtropical anticyclone gives rise to “Caligo”, a Ligurian dialect term, which defines a condition that verifies where the sea surface is cold, so as to cool, as much as possible, the low layers of the atmosphere immediately next to the surface of the sea. The sea water on contact with the mild air flowing over the surface evaporates and tends to condense rapidly thus forming tiny droplets of steam; if the air temperature reaches the dew point the fog is formed that is pushed on the coasts by sea breezes.

Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14,8 x 10,5 cm, june 2019

Caligo BS230

“The Sun, Suddenly”


Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm, May 2019

When I am asked about the subjects I paint, I feel I need to clarify that any image I choose is to convey the representation of the sign that makes up the object. There is not a desire for conceptualization in this, nor an attempt to dissociate from one or more genres, there is a determination in wanting to separate the two readings in a decisive manner, so as to establish a bridge between meaning and signifier, keeping both on completely different levels and at the same time absolutely superimposable.

Quando mi chiedono dei soggetti che dipingo mi sento di dover chiarire che qualsiasi immagine io scelga, è per veicolare la rappresentazione del segno che compone l’oggetto. Non c’è in questo un desiderio di concettualizzazione, né tantomeno un tentativo di smarcamento da uno o più generi, c’è la determinazione nel voler scindere in maniera determinante le due letture, così da stabilire un ponte fra il significato e il significante, mantenendo entrambi su piani completamente diversi e nel contempo assolutamente sovrapponibili.

The Sun, Suddenly


“Sunrise on the Field”, biroscape #205


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 14, 8 x 10,5 cm, December 2018

Sunrise on the Field BS2015

“Permanent Sunrise” biroscape #145


Ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 10,5 x 14,8 cm, January 2018

Permanent Sunrise BS145

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