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“Nature Series” Number 30


Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 29,7 x 21 cm, May 2021

This is the fourth painting process of the Steve Somerset (Music) and Alberto Repetti (Painting)project, named:
“I Hear What You’ll See You See What I Hear”
Click on image to enlarge it and HERE to go to see the birth and the process of the painting

Nature Series #29


Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 29,7 x 21 cm, May 2021

“I Hear What You’ll See You See What I Hear” A project by Steve Somerset (Music) and Alberto Repetti (Painting)

Steve Somerset Music Improvisation Three
Alberto Repetti Painting Nature Series #29

Questo progetto è nato da una collaborazione fra me e Steve Somerset.
La sua musica composta espressamente per 5 video che verranno caricati su youtube e che rappresentano un corpus unico di una analisi fra suono e immagine, fra due paesaggi, due tessiture collegate dall’idea di spazialità, di ricostruzione dell’ambiente naturale creando una sintesi formale che racchiude tutti gli elementi della creazione.

This project was born from a collaboration between me and Steve Somerset.
His music composed expressly for 5 videos, that will be uploaded on youtube, and which represent a unique corpus of an analysis between sound and image, between two landscapes, two textures connected by the idea of spatiality, of reconstruction of the natural environment creating a formal synthesis which encompasses all the elements of creation.

“I HEAR WHAT YOU’LL SEE YOU SEE WHAT I HEAR” 5 pieces of music (Improvisations 1 – 5) And The Nature Series Painting


The Natures Series is enriched with important elements for understanding the development of my landscape research.
The collaboration between me and Steve Somerset allowed for a live streaming on facebook where his music compositions (Improvisation 1 – 5), created specifically for this project, developed together with my paintings.

This has allowed a true connection between painting and music that take place in a definite time, giving the viewer the opportunity to witness the construction of the work of art and a better understanding of its inspiration and its project.
The five pieces of music have suggested the structure and evolution of the work and in the same way my way of working suggested the music that proceeded in unison with the genesis of the paintings.



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