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Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2021


With great pride, I announce the great honor of being part of the exhibition for one of the most important drawing awards in the world:
The Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize 2021
My work “Lockdown Cloud” was chosen to participate in this extraordinary exhibition in London.

I sincerely thank the jurors in the person of Sheela Gowda, artist, Dr Simon Groom, Director Of Modrn & Contemporary Art, National Galleries Of Scotland and Dr Zoé Whitley, Director Of Chisenhale Gallery, who have evaluated my work allowing me to be part of this prestigious exhibition. In the person of Parker Harris, president of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize,

I thank all his collaborators who build this beautiful dream every year.

Thanks to Andrew Coningsby and all his staff who allowed me to perform 3 years ago in London giving me the confidence and support I needed.

I also thank all of you who have followed me for so long, who support me and give me the ever-renewed push to continue trying to represent my vision of the world. Thank you!

Con grandissimo orgoglio, annuncio il grande onore di fare parte dell’esposizione di uno dei più importanti premi per disegno al mondo,

il Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize 2021

Il mio lavoro “Lockdown Cloud” è stato scelto per partecipare a questa straordinaria esibizione in Londra.

Ringrazio sentitamente i giurati nelle persone di Sheela Gowda,artist, Dr Simon Groom, Director Of Modrn & Contemporary Art, National Galleries Of Scotland and Dr Zoé Whitley,Director Of Chisenhale Gallery, che hanno valutato il mio lavoro permettendomi di fare parte di questa rassegna così prestigiosa.

Ringrazio nella persona di Parker Harris, presidente del Trinity Buoy Wharf Award Prize, tutti i suoi collaboratori che ogni anno costruiscono questo bellissimo sogno.

Ringrazio Andrew Coningsby e tutto il suo staff che han permesso che potessi esibirmi 3 anni fa a Londra dandomi la fiducia e il supporto di cui avevo bisogno.

Ringrazio anche tutte e tutti voi che mi seguite da tanto, che mi supportate e mi date la spinta sempre rinnovata per continuare a cercare di rappresentare la mia visione del mondo. Grazie!

Lockdown Cloud, ballpoint Pen on Cardboard, 223 x 89 cm, April 2021

Society of Canadian Artists : 2021 OPEN INTERNATIONAL ONLINE JURIED EXHIBITION March 15 to June 15, 2021


I am proud to be selected for the online exhibition of the Society of Canadian Artist Award with two of my works, and that one of them received an honorable mention and was chosen in the TOP FIVE of the entire event.I thank the Society of Canadian Artists and all its members for appreciating my work.

Society of Canadian Artists : 2021 OPEN INTERNATIONAL ONLINE JURIED EXHIBITION March 15 to June 15, 2021

The works I presented in this selection were carried out during the spring 2020 lockdown
Mediterranean Sea, The Riviera
Sunsrise in Springtime
A heartfelt thanks to everyone who follow and appreciate my work.
Thank you

International drawing annual 14 exhibition-in-print “INDA 14”

click on image to see the shortlist

“Manifest’s mission is to stand for quality in the visual arts, as well as the importance of creative research, meaningful and accessible art-based experiences for the public, deep learning outside academia, and the rigorous documentation of exceptional art for posterity.”

MANIFEST, Drawing Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
International drawing annual 14 exhibition-in-print.
. One of my drawings has been selected and has been included in the International drawing annual 2020.
“Manifest is much more than a gallery. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit founded on Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2004 by professors and students from area universities seeking to make a positive community impact. Manifest continues to be operated by professors, students, and working artists to this day. Our programming is divided into four balanced quadrants: Gallery (exhibitions), Press (publications), Artist Residency (support), and Drawing Center (education).”

For the INDA 14 Manifest received 1187 submissions from 353 artists from 43 states, Washington D.C., and 25 countries. The publication includes 110 works by 66 artists from 26 states, Washington D.C., and 7 countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and Scotland. A written work by Billy Renkl is also included.
Only 5 European nations are represented and I am proud to represent Italy in this event with this ballpoint pen drawing.

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