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Sunset in the Riviera, the Colour of the Evening


Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 cm, December 2021

I shot a video on the execution of this painting to show how the phases of the application of the color take place. It is not a painting performed “alla prima” but in a succession of layers that must be painted one on the other when the surface is not yet completely dried, to allow the background color, depending on the pressure of the brush, to be used or not, in the continuation of the painting.
In the description of the video it will also be said what colors I used and how.
Good vision.

Video Projet part Five


“I Hear What You’ll See You See What I Hear” A project by Steve Somerset (Music) and Alberto Repetti (Painting)

Steve Somerset Music Improvisation Five
Alberto Repetti Painting Nature Series #31

Siamo giunti alla quinta parte del progetto e si conclude con il quinto video questo ciclo di musica e pittura.
E’ stata ed è una esperienza emozionante e piena di scoperte inattese.
Il suono diventa paesaggio e il paesaggio diventa suono.
Sono onorato di aver fatto e di far parte di questo lavoro creativo che è sempre in costante aggiornamento e sicuramente avrà degli sviluppi futuri molto interessanti.
Grazie a tutte e a tutti per il supporto.
Buona Visione e Buon Ascolto.
Non dimenticate di seguire il canale YouTube.

We have reached the fifth part of the project and this cycle of music and painting ends with the fifth video.
It was and is an exciting experience full of unexpected discoveries.
Sound becomes landscape and landscape becomes sound.
I am honored to have done and to be part of this creative work which is always constantly updated and will certainly have some very interesting future developments.
Thanks to everyone and everyone for the support.
Good Vision and Good Listening.
Don’t forget to follow the YouTube channel.

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