Alberto Repetti Art

Artworks of Alberto Repetti's Artist, Oil Painting, Ballpoint Pen Drawing and more

THE CURATORS Open Call: THE MEDITERRANEAN, 10 artists coming from the USA, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and so on, selected them among over 400 candidates


The idea behind Exclusive Collection #1 was to discover new talents through our first Open Call on Instagram.

The collection features 10 artists coming from the USA, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and so on

They vary in technique, background and career stage.

I have selected them among over 400 candidates, without knowing who they were nor where they where from, just by falling in love with their art.

Alberto Repetti selected pieces are:
Mediterranean Sea, The Riviera
Sunrise in Springtime

The Mediterranean theme represented everything I was craving for at that moment, just before spring in gloomy Paris, longing for a time blooming in the branches of trees, and still so far away. And then Covid 19 struck and we all got quarantined, and felt as if summer itself would not happen this year.
I’ve been truly amazed and humbled to see that so many immensely talented artists got inspired by The Mediterranean theme and responded to the call. Maybe because it felt like a long lost dream. The blossoms, the sea salt, a strayed towel laying lazily on a rock, fresh lime on a blue bowl, the Mediterranean is indeed a spirit, melting the Greek and Roman myths to the French Riviera, the island of Corsica where I am from, the Lebanese food, olive oil and terracotta roofs. The Mediterranean is a state mind, a golden skin and long afternoon nap, a family dinner, an evening breeze, an anisette.

You’ll find drawings, paintings, pottery, all United by the Mediterranean vibe.

I feel proud to release The Mediterranean, a Curators Exclusive Collection.

Hope you will all enjoy the show.

Lea Simone Allegria

Co-Founder of The Curators

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