Alberto Repetti Art

Artworks of Alberto Repetti's Artist, Oil Painting, Ballpoint Pen Drawing and more



By the word “Biroscape” I define the landscape, the idea of place, exclusively designed by the ballpoint pen. The series is unlimited in number but has small size. Privilege this format because it allows me to focus in a space of unlimited depth. The interior landscape is mixed with the outer one in the becoming of new shapes. A radically personal interpretation of form in the space of the blank cardboard sheet.
My research at the moment is directed to the nuance that I can get with the pen, which is very underestimated by artists. Ballpoint pen allows a great opportunity for shades of gray and deep blacks, by subtle hatching, touching the paper lightly or sinking the tip deep, allows the possibility for this balance. This is the key to getting a good result, in my opinion. It requires for me a lot of attention and a certain amount of patience and application.

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