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New Painting, Oil On Canvas, inside me.


Anything that I paint is highlighted by the desire to cover more roads leading in one place that is not outside of me.

Observes something that we will never see

One thought on “New Painting, Oil On Canvas, inside me.

  1. Luis Enrique Antolín

    I have known the blog just now. I cover roads not by painting but by writing, a little of poetry and,mainly, a mix of thoughts both philosophical and theological.

    At the end, creation means to come out from oneself, a travel,in fact. Ihave composed my own image of this travel, to ride a horse,Ilead the horse but the horse also leads me. So is the way I cover my roads, and so is the way I discover new places, not seen before.

    Were they already inside of me and after all the travel is just the return tothe point of departure?. Or, however, have I arrived to a “novum”, discovered a new place settled outside of me?. I am very interested in the dialectic/dialogue between the inside-outside.

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