Alberto Repetti Art

Artworks of Alberto Repetti's Artist, Oil Painting, Ballpoint Pen Drawing and more


Welcome to my site!
I’ve built it to show my recent works.
This short introduction explains my approach to painting and drawing, and my predilection for a solid union between technique and art.
The deeper is the knowledge of painting and drawing techniques the greater is the chance of being able to express oneself and communicate.
As you may notice, it’s a continuous research into the possibilities ofan encounter between the real and the imaginary, through different materials and experiences, moving to a final and unrepeatable result.
Each painting, drawing and digital image is the result of a unique study, which lasts the lifetime of the single opera.
You won’t find here replicas of the same work in different colours.
Subject, technique and formal approach unite to tell the story of eachcreative emotion.
The works are organized into sections and subsections: the focus shifts from techniques to materials.
The menu is completed by the Blog section, where my new works and reflections will be posted.
Thank you for reading so far. Enjoy your visit!

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